MICAH | 10 days | Surrey Newborn Photographer

This awesome family of 6!!!! kids are the kind that I love to share in their story.   I’ve seen them every day for years at my own children’s school and each year they seem to add one more to the family!    With the arrival of baby Micah, I said we just had to get them in the studio and capture all these amazing little humans.

They had tried for 5 years to start a family, countless meds and finally IUI treatments helped them to welcome their first and second baby.  They were told there was practically no chance of conceiving naturally and gave then less than 5% chance! Clearly the medical staff were a little off on their prediction!!  They went on to have three more beautiful little humans and decided to call the family complete.  As any normal family would, they took measures to ensure no more babies arrived…. yet here is Micah!!!  After a “successful” vasectomy…. this family obviously needed one more.  I think Micah would agree!  Such a cutie!

I guess we shall see if there are any more little surprises next year 😉

Today, this gallery spoke to me in black and white.. something different to share.