Welcome to the world Ama | Surrey Videographer

When you feel your heart is already full with the love of two precious children – you can’t imagine it making more room for another. Before long, your family is going to grow and soon you are waiting the arrival of baby #3!!! You remember what it was like to introduce your first born to their new baby brother or sister… but they were very little. Do they remember? Did they know what was really going on? Yet this time, it will feel a little different. Your first and second born are growing fast, they may still be little but have definately a greater awareness of the world around them, and how important this new life is going to be to them.

It’s time – the day has come! This new beautiful life has exploded your heart yet again and you’ve completely fallen in love just the same as you had with your first and second. There is always more room in your heart – it simply grows to accommodate!

I am so very honoured to be welcomed into some of the most intimate moments of a family’s life. To be there for those first few hours, the first introductions and snuggles. I soak in all of the little details, all of the sounds. It is music to my soul.

So with that, I introduce baby Ama’s welcome to this world. She arrives to instant love from her family.

A week or so later, she came into the studio for a few photos. Feel free to check those out HERE