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Foggy morning fun | Redwood Park South Surrey BC

You know it’s a fall morning in the Lower Mainland when there is fog drifting in and out of every little valley…. but blue skies are above!  I knew it was a beautiful day out there, we just couldn’t really see it!  That said I honestly love what the fog looks like in photos… so […]

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Double dose of Cuteness | Burnaby Twin Photographer

It wasn’t that long ago that these two adorable little people were in the studio for their newborn photos!   It was so great to see them growing up and thriving!  They were both born under 5 lbs but look at them now!  The smiles and little giggles we got were just too cute for […]

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Joie turns 2 | Vancouver Child Photographer

These past few months I have loved getting to know this family!  We have met up on several occasions as they celebrate milestones for each of the kids as well as just celebrating family being together. This time it was to capture Joie turning two!!  She is your typical 2 year old.  Shy, silly and […]

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Tegan | 5 weeks | Surrey Newborn Photographer

There are days when we may forget to count our blessings… but I doubt that hasn’t crossed the minds of this family recently! Here you are with a brand new precious life.  You bring them home and can’t wait to start the journey of watching them grow…but in only a few short days you realize […]

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Natalia | 16 Weeks | Langley Baby Photographer

It’s already that time again… 4 weeks older and Natalia was back in the studio!! This time she came in wide awake..ready to play and laugh.  She’s already grabbing her toes and rolling around.  It’s so fantastic to see her each month! We still thought we’d give the sleepy picture a try… so after a […]

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