What to expect

I often receive emails asking for information about the different styles that I shoot, so I hope this gives you some idea of what to expect when booking with me!


When I am contacted by a potential wedding client, I like to first get an idea of what they are looking for.  Have they thought about what is most important to capture on their special day?  We know the ceremony and family portraits are always going to be captured, but what else?  Is it the getting ready photos?  The cake cutting or first dance?  These are all questions that help determine how many hours you will need to capture your day.

This then helps me create a package that is right for you.  We can talk about albums, engagement session and editing options.

I require a deposit to hold any date and recommend placing that as soon as possible to ensure I’m all yours!!


This session is becoming more and more popular!  I love capturing the new little peanut before he/she is welcomed to this world!  As a mother myself, I know that you may not always feel very excited to get photos take of yourself in the final weeks of pregnancy, but let me tell you how happy I am to have those!    These images are not always meant to develop and pin up on your walls for all to see, they are for you and your family.  Images that you can look back upon when your babies are having babies and remember what it was like bringing them into the world!

I typically recommend these sessions be held at my studio, but I am happy to travel to you or a location as well.

What to wear? I often ask that you stay away from strong prints/ paterns and really bright colours, but you need to be who you are as well!  Jeans, bare feet and tank always work, but feel free to bring a few things to try on.   (if you can fit your pre-belly jeans, just can’t do them up… bring those!)

When to book? I recommend maternity sessions be held at around 34 – 37 weeks of pregnancy.  This is when the baby has most likely dropped into position and mom is now showing a full, round belly!   (I have shot as late as 39 weeks, but of course this is not recommended as the baby is full term and could come any day!).  It is when we are able to really show what pregnancy was like for you!   I always like to have the family present for these session, Dad’s hands and of course siblings if there are any!


I can’t tell you how priviledged I feel each and every time I am asked to photograph someone’s newborn baby.  They are all so different, so unique and each of them inspire me to find something new to try, something different to do!

Please know that I am always flexible with these sessions.  If you need to reschedule, please call at your earliest convenience.  I know what it is like to be a new mom and sometimes just getting out of the house is a challenge.  These sessions are primarily focused on baby, so for a good portion of the time Mom can relax and rest.

I typically book the baby sessions in the morning as it’s usually the best time of day for little ones.  I ask that Mom feed the baby before we start the shoot to ensure we have a full belly and help with getting baby back to sleep.

When to book? If you are expecting a baby and are considering booking a session with me, please send me a message!  It is best if we chat before baby arrives and have a tentative date lined up for your session.  If you are looking for a ‘newborn’ session then we need to capture this within the first 5-10 days of life.  After that time frame it is more difficult to get those curled up sleepy photos, but you also worry about the onset of baby acne at around 2 weeks.  By 3 weeks of age the babies have started to really learn that they have a voice as well as arms and legs that typically do not like to sit still!

That said, if you miss the first 10 days, I have successfully been able to capture babies in baskets and all curled up as late as 6 weeks old.  At that age, we may just need to take more time on cuddles, feedings and patience, but I’m always willing to try!

What to wear? I think babies look best in their ‘birthday’ suits!  If there is something really special you’d like them captured in, have it with you and we will work that into the shoot, but please do not bring multiple wardrobe changes for your little one.  For the girls, feel free to bring any head bands or hats you would like to use, but I do have a selection of hats and props to use.

For Mom and Dad (and siblings), again I recommend simple.  No strong prints or colours, jeans and a light shirt, t-shirt… something that will show a connection with the little one.  For Mom, comfort is key of course!


Theses sessions are meant to be fun!  Getting the family out once a year (or more!) should be something fun to look forward to.  I’ve had so many families comment on how I capture them and I think the reason is that we make it enjoyable.   Not everyone wants or likes to have their picture taken, but I make a point of getting to know everyone during the shoot.  Talking to you, finding out what sparks your interest and then from that I start to get more natural, candid expressions!  Kids are always easy to work with if Mom and Dad just let them be kids… I can handle most of them 🙂

I love doing these sessions outdoors in the early evening.    I love the soft light of a sun setting and the colours it brings to the trees and plants around.  If you have a location in mind, great!  Otherwise I can suggest several that you can choose from.  Also, if you live in the Valley dont be afraid to have your session downtown Vancouver or at Stanley park; and if you live in the City… same to you, come on out to the valley!

When to book? If it’s a special day you would like captured, then the more notice the better!    I can usually fit most people in within a few weeks if you’re available on evenings, but know that weekends book up quickly!  I also always suggest having family photos done sometime in late summer or early fall.   We can usually depend on the weather more consistently, people are typically in their best shape in the summer and wearing a little summer glow on their skin.  I think it sounds obvious why I like this time of year, but I also think it’s great to start thinking about Christmas gifts!  Extended family LOVES getting your photos, even if you think it’s predictable, they LOVE IT!

What to wear? I leave this one more open to what you’d like to see.   I’m happy to speak to you about ideas you may have and provide feedback.  I would recommend staying away from conflicting prints/ patters or having everyone in the same patter or print.  If you want to look the same, then try to stay to something timeless; jeans or khakis with a light or dark top.