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Family Day 2019 | Community Heart

On this last day of the BC “Family Day” long weekend, I am hoping that as I write this many families are looking back at all the memories made together and all those still to come. As a photographer I’m often asked to capture that ‘perfect’ family moment when everyone is smiling and looking at […]

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Snow Days | Family Videographer Langley BC

It’s not often you’ll see a big dump of snow here on the West Coast…and usually if it does, it will change to rain that same day.   BUT NOT THIS TIME!!!! I LOVE THE SNOW!   For those who don’t like it… to bad 🙂 Our youngest is Sky, at 18 months old she […]

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My Sweet Baby Sky ~ Welcome little girl!!!

SHE IS HERE!!! I have to thank so many of you who have sent well wishes and the kindest notes to welcome our third and precious baby girl to the world! It was on August 14, 2012 at 8:16 on the most beautiful blue sky morning when our family grew one more;  Sky Julie Lynn […]

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What would we do without our Dads | Happy Father’s Day

There isn’t just one day of the year that I sit and think about how lucky I am to have such a fantastic man as the father of my precious boys.   Perhaps this is what makes photography so special to me – it makes you stop and look at all of the little things, […]

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What a gift it is to be called ‘Mom’

As I sit at my computer tonight thinking how I would so so so love to be in bed – this post just had to be ready for tomorrow!!! When I start to think about how very special it is to hear someone call out to you each morning ‘Good morning Mom – how was […]

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