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Welcome to the world Ama | Surrey Videographer

When you feel your heart is already full with the love of two precious children – you can’t imagine it making more room for another. Before long, your family is going to grow and soon you are waiting the arrival of baby #3!!! You remember what it was like to introduce your first born to […]

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Cooper | Welcome home video | Surrey Newborn Photographer

It was only a few years ago that I was going to visit little Georgia after she arrived… this time I have the pleasure of introducing her baby brother.  Cooper! I really do love the fusion sessions. You get the still photos that you want to print and frame in your home, but also the […]

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Introducing Dominik | Fresh 48 Video – ‘Meet the siblings’

There is nothing more special then bringing new life into the world.  It is amazing and something that can not be described in words. When you bring a new baby into a family that already has children there is an amazing connection that is known before they even meet.  To be able to capture that […]

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A Quiet Winter’s Ride | Equestrian Videographer/photographer

On a cool and misty winter’s day, I followed this couple to capture their shared love and passion for their horses and for each other. It wasn’t a bright, warm and sunny day – but it was perfect. I am so very excited to spend more time capturing images and video’s like these as I […]

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For the love of the horse | Equestrian Videographer/Photographer

Every now and then I get an itch to do something new/different. I have always had a love of horses and often think back to the days spent at the barn. I loved every minute of it… I loved everything about it. Yet the only time I had good photos taken of those years were […]

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