Ashley + Jeremy’s E Session

Several months ago Ashley contacted me and was so excited to have some engagement photos taken here in Vancouver.  They recently moved here from Calgary where Jeremy was finishing school, but are originally from Vancouver Island.  So it was going to be a fun shoot of exploiting Vancouver to their friends from around Western Canada!

We started our night along the seawall under the Granville Street Bridge… wandered around a little there and then drove down to Second beach for some true Vancouver beauty.  It was the most perfect night!  Not too hot and simply gorgeous down by the water.  I didnt realize that there was so much construction going on there, but we managed to find a few tucked away spots to set the scene.   It must have looked good as people walking by on the paths were commenting to themselves “ohhhh those are going to be beautiful pictures”.  We couldn’t help but laugh at how many people were watching us.  We got down to the beach, kicked off the shoes and walked around snapping what came to mind – but then realized that an entire photo club was following our every move… I guess it flattering more then anything, but it was strange having so many eyes on us!

I really wish I could see these two get married – not only because I think they are an adorable couple, but also because it will be on the shores of Maui!!! 

All my very best to you both on your big day!  I want to see pictures!!!

Jennifer Rodriguez-Cruz Super Cute!August 30, 2010 – 5:20 pm