Setarah + Kaveh’s Wedding

Last month I had the pleasure of capturing the wedding of Setarah and Kaveh. 

Of course every wedding I capture is unique in it’s own way, but this was truly something special and nothing I had done before.  I love traditions, family and friends so this wedding had it all.  There were only a few guests in attendance, but each of them had come from all over the world.  Only the bride and groom were from here in Vancouver!  It was so special to see so many family members who are scattered through Europe, Iran and Eastern Canada all come together to celebrate such a special day.

The wedding was set at Brix Restaurant which on it’s own is special to me as that is where I was married!  There was an amazing spread where every item used had meaning to bless the new couple’s marraige.   I couldn’t help by take as many detail shots of each item that had been so carefully placed!  I loved that gifts were exchanged and opened with the person giving them.   I loved all the children who dont get to see eachother that often, bond so quickly and enjoy every second of their company.

We then walked around the corner, into the streets of Yaletown for a few photos of the bride and groom and they then rejoined their guests for a private dinner at Blue Water Cafe.

Wishing you all the very best!