My Sweet Baby Sky ~ Welcome little girl!!!


I have to thank so many of you who have sent well wishes and the kindest notes to welcome our third and precious baby girl to the world!

It was on August 14, 2012 at 8:16 on the most beautiful blue sky morning when our family grew one more;  Sky Julie Lynn Sutherland is here.  That morning we were so excited, it was finally time.  The boys had spent the night at Gramma’s house so we could get to the hospital for the first surgery of the day.  Like the last two, I walked myself to the OR and waiting those final moments before going in.  The room was cold of course, but you don’t really feel that over all the excitement!  The doctors took me in while Matt waited outside the room.  This is my third time going in the operating room for a C section, so I figured it would be much the same as the last two… but it was a little different.  As the spinal was going in place I said… oh wow I felt that all down my leg!  Well, guess you’re not supposed to feel anything!  So they quickly had me move from sitting to laying down on my side to then get it in.  (I’m told later she hit a nerve… scary thought!)  All is good and now I’m almost ready to start.   In my last two sections I had become very sick very fast on the operating table, so this time they changed things up a little and adjusted my ‘cocktail’ in hopes to avoid being so sick.  Well it worked, but this time I was so drugged that I could hardly keep my eyes open (hence the sleeping photo).  They brought Matt in and off they went.

Sky arrived screaming – which was all I wanted to hear!  Not being able to see anything that’s going on, you just want to hear them to know they are ok!  She was brought over to me and I managed to open my eyes just enough to say hello to her beautiful little face – so instantly in love!

Now that she’s arrived, the next best thing for us was to introduce her to her two big brothers!  We had waited to find out what we were having so this was all a big surprise.  We even kept it from everyone until they arrived at the hospital to see her in person!  Her brother’s were so fantastic with her.  Kashen took to her right away, saying ‘My Baby’ and showering her with hugs and kisses.  Nixon of course was there too, but was more into me and how I was doing at first, such a protecter 🙂

Our first few hours were spent inviting family to meet her and relaxing in our room (as best you can with two big brothers bouncing around!)  That night as my nurses were checking in they asked who was staying with me… I replied no one of course.  They didn’t like that and said I wasn’t permitted to keep her in my room if I didn’t have help… well I’d like to see someone try to take her from me!!!  Let’s just put money on who won that argument… oh and she slept on my chest too – HA!  We were both doing great, so I asked to go home early.  We were discharged at 48 hours!  It was only a few hours later once we were home that I realized that something wasn’t right.  During my time in the hospital I had complained of a headache – but it wasn’t that bad, just irritating.  I assumed it was from the hospital air conditioning and the nurses and doctors didn’t say anything, so I ignored it.  Once I was home though I couldn’t ignore it anymore!   It was now a severe head ache, one more then I had ever had before!  I called back to see if I could return for a vitals check, I knew something wasn’t right about it – but was told that because I had discharged, I needed to go to the Emergency Room if I wanted to return.  Well with a two day old baby, I was not going to sit in the ER waiting room… I stayed home to try to stick it out.  Now remember I have prescription drugs… good ones, strong ones!  So I take them in hopes to elevate this pain… but the next morning when I woke up and sat up, I had tears from the pain.    I did return to the ER that morning to find out that I had a spinal fluid leak!    It wasn’t long before they were taking me back to the Maternity ward to do a spinal patch to try and correct it.   Meanwhile I had pumped enough while sitting in the waiting area for Matt to take little Sky home and way from the ER.  The doctors perform the patch and tell me that it is so rare that this only happens once or twice a year!  Lucky me!!!  I guess I’m telling you all this because if anyone else out there who has an epidural or c section and has a severe head ache… don’t let the doctors tell you it’s nothing – trust yourself (as I’m glad I did) and look into this possibility!

OK so… now on to Day 5… we are back at home and feeling human again!  All is right and we are back on track to getting to spend as much newborn cuddle time as possible!

Over the next two – three weeks I will admit that Sky spent many mornings out in the studio – but boy was she a hard one to work with!!! Go figure!  She didn’t make it easy for me to capture her, but I’m excited to share some of my favourites that I did capture!  We had many family adventures taking advantage of the weather and that Daddy was off for 15 days!!!  Day 6 was the beach, Day 7 was the Aquarium, Day 10 was a wedding (I was actually a guest for once!!)… it was a jam packed two weeks.

Although it would be so much fun to just play with our kids all the time – Mom and Dad have to get back to work!  I captured my first newborn session when Sky was only 13 days old and have since done two more babies with more to come!  I am back for family sessions as well, testing out Sky coming along at my first family session last weekend (she was a fantastic assistant and listened well!)

Newborn cuddles are still in abundance, but know that I am ready to capture your special moments again as well!




Amy Gagnon I could stare at these all day long! You have such a beautiful family!September 27, 2012 – 10:24 am