Meet baby Wayne

Little baby Wayne was the picture of health when I met him today, but it hasn’t been an easy road for him to get here!

Born 2 months premature in a town without the proper birthing care, Wayne was off to a rough start!  He was flown to Children’s Hospital where he stayed for only 9 days, but was then moved to the NICU at Abbotsford Regional Hospital where he spent the next several weeks.

Helping Hearts is a non profit organization that provides photography services to families who really need a little something special!  To the families who have jumped too many hurdles, these photo sessions are so very important!

I was so excited that Wayne was my first ‘HH’ client.  He was perfect (well aside from his not so friendly greeting he left in my hand, thanks ;).  This little man slept the entire session!

What I could not stop laughing at was this face he would make.  Any time I moved him he would grunt in protest, but as soon as he felt things were good again he would purse his lips and hold that look until I let him go.  I had to capture at least one of these faces as it was killing me!

I hope you enjoy these images – it was a pleasure having he and his brave mommy in my studio this morning!