Leona | 4 weeks | Aldergrove Newborn Photographer

I love traditions and love learning about them!!  For most newborn sessions I recommend the babies come in around 5-10 days old, but sometimes that just isn’t possible.  There can be medical reasons or in this case, family traditions that restrict mommy from leaving the house for 1 month after delivering.  I think it’s a fantastic idea for the new mom to be able to just be at home with baby and have extended family and others help to do all the running around.  (now of course I might go a little crazy if I had to stay home… but I still love the idea)

This beautiful young lady is the lucky little sister of two super fun and silly twin brothers.  Sometimes doing newborn sessions with toddlers and be, well interesting… but these two 3 year old boys were a pleasure to capture.  They clearly adore their little sister and we shared many laughs together, despite the fact they did not speak english!  This is what I love about children and really about humanity… there is universal language that everyone can understand, and that is a smile!!  Body language plays such a huge part in what I do, how I learn about my clients and what they are comfortable with and most importantly how to get them to show me their beautiful, natural smiles!!

I hope you join me in welcoming this little lady to the world!!