Christmas Mini Sessions are here!!!

This post is LONG over due and I thank you all for your patience.  It has been a struggle for me to recover from a few weeks of pneumonia which is why I have held off posting this information.

That said… there’s no time to waste!

This year I was thinking about what so many families talk about when they come for photos… WHAT SHOULD WE WEAR???  SO  I thought what better than to offer an option!  I’ve teamed up with Lazy One Canada to provide EVERYONE in your family Pj’s to wear for your photos! I tested it out on my kids and their cousins and they all just loved it.  Regardless of age, I think this is a fun way to celebrate the holidays and not stress about a new outfit for everyone.  For this, I created a new space to use as well.  The Pj’s can be used in the bedroom setting and have some fun with toes under the blankets and everyone snuggled up… OR you can head out to the studio for a few more options for different set ups.

It is totally your option to choose to bring your own clothes OR use the pjs.  But we would not have time to do both options in a mini session.

This year I also have a few families who would love to try and get cousins together or extended family members.  For this you can book two back to back sessions and ensure we have time to capture some of each of the families as well as everyone together (depending on the size of the group).  Be sure to message me with your requests to see if I can accommodate.

I have several sessions already booked in, but please contact with your requested date and time and I will do my best to fit everyone in.

Happy Holidays to everyone and hope to see some of your smiling faces in the studio soon!

Classic Studio set up with Holiday Lights

Studio Holiday Scene (best for children only)

Holiday Bedroom Scene (Pj’s Provided from 6 months ~ XXL mens)

Happy Holidays, from my family to yours!