Bringing home twins | Surrey Newborn Studio Photographer

A few days ago I was really looking forward to meeting these two new precious little humans… but of course life with a new baby doesn’t always go as planned, I can only imagine it with two of them!

So here we are, a few days later and a little more refreshed.  These two little humans are just 7 days new and have yet to officially be named.  That didn’t stop us from creating some precious keep sakes to look back on.  Their ‘big brother’ (he’s only just turned 2!) is clearly in love with his babies.  As he waited and played patiently in the studio, we would get it all ready for him and of course one of the babies would have other plans… so as you do with young children, you roll with it.

I also loved that I was advised that the young man would likely be a handful and we should capture him first… well of course in true fashion (meaning making parents into liars) that little boy slept peacefully – yet his little sister was often awake and stirring.  There was one set up that had great plans for them wrapped… but she pushed out of hers and decided that latching onto his head was a much better idea.

I’m so happy to share these with all of you and hope they bring a smile to your evening!