Already 3 months old!

My little boy is growing so fast… I mean really growing!  His brother Nixon was one of those babies who was always wearing the size of clothes for exactly his age… but little Kashen isn’t so little anymore!  He’s already into size 6-9 month clothes and the biggest change for me was when he no longer fit my beloved swaddler diapers 🙁  (they are just so soft!)

I thought I’d post quartly updates of my little man as otherwise I will simply put too many images up here!  These are a few that we took in the past two weeks.  The hardest part about photographing your own children is getting the smiles and staying in focus at the same time.  By this I mean I’m typically setting up the shot then looking away so he can see my face – then he will smile…I click the shutter in hopes it all lines up, infocus and smile capture.  It doesn’t really work all that well!  I just wish I could share with you the beautiful smiles I get from this little man, but so far am unable to accomplish both making him smile and taking the picture at the same time!

I also love that big brother Nixon actually wants to come and hold his brother.  I wasn’t really set up for both of them in the pictures, but he insisted and took off his shirt to match his brother – so I had to include it!