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Weiss Family Portraits

It is always fun for me to try to capture a family with young kids… I think we always end up having the parents laughing and smiling much more then the kids 🙂  Trying to get a 2 year old and two twin 6 month old girls to all look in the same direction is […]

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Waiting for baby Ava

I met Jen and Dustin through the network of Facebook & Friends 🙂  I love when friends recommend my page and photography to their friends, as it creates opportunities for me to meet amazing people like these two! Jen has been so excited to come and have these pictures taken… I think we emailed at least […]

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Corporate Headshots

Earlier this afternoon I had the pleasure to meet Saskia.  She is joining the team at Dominion Lenders and needed a fresh photo for marketing and business cards. I’m sure many of you would agree that a photo on you taken well can go a long way in first impressions – so of course these images are […]

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Day with Grampa & the Firetrucks! (aka woo woo’s)

Today was a fun day!  I don’t always bring my camera everywhere we go, but I knew this one would be special.  It’s not everyday that kids get to go to the Firehall and play on the trucks and talk to the firefighters!  My Dad is a retired Captian in Surrey so we were lucky […]

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Maks has arrived!!!

With two very excited parents, Maks decided to make his grand entrance to the world on August 06, 2010!  I’ve known Sarah for many years now and it was so fantastic to see her so absolutly happy and in love.  After a long labour and being up for what must seem like eternity, Sarah was […]

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