2010 BC SUMMER GAMES – Equestrian Day 1

A huge welcome to all the participants to this year’s BC Summer Games!!!  Athletes and Coaches have come from all over BC to compete for Gold, Silver and Bronze in their sport. 

I was excited when I learned that the Games would be held in Langley this year!  How fun would it be to volunteer at a Games and give back to a sport that I love!  Growing up in Langley, riding was something that I LOVED.  I cherished every moment with my horse either on the road or at home – but simply just loved having him as a best friend.  I know what it takes for these athletes (I have to note that it’s all ladies… not one male qualified this year!)  to compete and sacrifice to be here – and know the excitment of a win and devistation of defeat… but it’s all worth it!

If you’re new to the sport – come and check it out!  Located at Thunderbird Showpark in Langley there are 5 different diciplines competing here:

Show Jumping


Para Dressage



All of these are amazing to watch – so bring your family to encourage these athletes! 

If you are an athlete, trainer or parent of anyone in these images, please contact me to coordinate passing them on to you! 

For the full post of the day, check out this link:  www.jlsphotography.ca/bcgamesday1

In a rush to get these up – I missed posting the medals ceremony – those will follow in the coming days!


Jen Yes I’m just about to post Sunday’s photos and I was in the ring for all of the riders that day – I should have you there! Did you also look at the full links, not just the blog post images? let me know if you still can’t find him once I post today. Describe Flyboy for me if you dont see any and I’ll look through them all!July 27, 2010 – 12:28 am

Alaini Hi did you post any more pictures I dont see my horse Flyboy.July 26, 2010 – 3:29 pm