Wyatt | 12 Days | Surrey Newborn Photographer

When I am contacted by a family to capture their precious new bundle on the way, of course I get excited.  I learn a little more about who they are and who’s in their family.   When I learn that there will be a toddler coming to the photo shoot as well, I’m not going to lie – I cross my fingers and hope that this little muffin is going to be in the mood to ‘play’ with me.

Well… this young man didn’t disappoint!  Honestly I think little Rowan now olds the title for the most adorable big brother to visit my studio.  Or at least just this week 😉 I couldn’t help but just fall in love with his little personality.   He was excited to be a part of the photos and listen to what ideas I had… at the same time some of my ideas just didn’t make sense for him.  Even trying to get into position he was killing me with those little smiles!!!    Baby Wyatt has for sure been welcomed into a family full of love for one another.  We had a really great time for a few hours in the studio that morning.

Welcome to the world little Wyatt!