What would we do without our Dads | Happy Father’s Day

There isn’t just one day of the year that I sit and think about how lucky I am to have such a fantastic man as the father of my precious boys.   Perhaps this is what makes photography so special to me – it makes you stop and look at all of the little things, the things that make you smile everyday, make you tear up in joy, laugh and enjoy life.   This is what I try to capture through photographs – capturing the bonds that are made and the things that make each of us feel so very special.

I know that every family is different – but for my family our favourite time is being together, outside and doing something adventurous.   Going to the skatepark, walks in the woods, days at the beach, snowboarding… anything active is where you will find us!  This is what I love so much – I may not be able to participate all the time, but that’s just fine with me as I would much rather sit back and watch; relish in these moments that are shaping our lives.

So I’m now off to spend the day with my family – but wanted to share a few photos of the special bond that we hold with our fathers.

I will never forget this father/daughter dance – they had me totally in tears as I’m trying to capture it!  He sang the entire song to her as she cried and cried.  LOVE

The rest of the images are dedicated to my family and the fun we have!!

Here I am on my wedding day – my Dad looking over as we all get ready and of course the cherished duty of a father of girls – the walk down the isle!!