What a gift it is to be called ‘Mom’

As I sit at my computer tonight thinking how I would so so so love to be in bed – this post just had to be ready for tomorrow!!!

When I start to think about how very special it is to hear someone call out to you each morning ‘Good morning Mom – how was your sleep?’ I can’t control the smile that shapes my face.    These little treasures that look to us for love, support, encouragement, knowledge, bravery and too many more adventures to list; are beyond words to describe how special they are.

I am not about to take anything away from all of the amazing Dad’s out there, some of which also have to be Mr. Mom…  but there is just something about your mom that no one else can fulfill.  If your mom is anything like mine, she will know you so deeply that all it takes is a glance, or a pause on a conversation to know just what you’re feeling.  She always seems to know what you need before you need it and is there for you when it matters most.  I can’t say enough about how much my mom has inspired me over the years, both personally and professionally.  She is an amazing woman, one I know many look up to – one I’m proud to share in the title of calling Mom.

So where does it all start?   For many you’re not a mom until you’ve had your own child – but the journey is different for us all.  Some know from early childhood that they were placed here to be a mom (which was me!!), some take a little convincing, some are surprised and thrown right into it and there are those who are unable to have their own and do everything in their power to ensure they one day will be called ‘mom’.     What an honour it is!  One of my proudest moments is seeing my first born fall so deeply in love with my second the moment they met!

On this Mother’s Day I hope that everyone take a moment to cherish their families – how ever they are comprised.   I find in today’s society life is forced to move so fast – everything has to be done now, available 10 minutes ago or it’s passed by….  I hope everyone take the time today and everyday to slow down, enjoy a conversation with your kids, ask questions, let them ask you questions.

One of my favourite times of the day is when my oldest (4 yrs old) goes to bed.  We lay there together and he looks at me and says ‘Mom, can I talk to you?”  I of course say yes and he replies “you go first”.  I then tell him all about the special things he did that day, what there is to look forward to and what I am proud of him for.   He typically lays there for a moment taking it all in; then turns to me and does the same thing back  – what he’s proud of me for and what he loved about our day.    I am sooooo so grateful to be able to be at home with my boys while still providing for the family doing something I really love!

Thank you all for your support and look forward to many more Mom’s to capture in front of the lens!  Here are a few new mom’s who’s love for their precious new life is always an honour to capture.

Happy Mother’s Day!

This first image is that of my Mom!  Love you!

Generations of Moms!!!