The “W” Family | Langley Family Photographer

What an awesome family – there were smiles, love and laughter through our entire shoot!

It is no surprise that I love kids!! So my favourite part of capturing them is the opportunity to get to know them and what makes them tick.  It doesn’t take long for me to figure out what will help make the photo session fun for the little ones instead of them thinking… oh another picture I have to smile!

With this little man, it turned out to be secrets!  Me:  “come over here… I have a secret” … ” go over there and give mom a big kiss on the cheek, she will have no idea that you’re going to do that and then tickle her!!!”  I love when I then see that little devious smile that they’ve got a mission… run over there and provide me the perfect backdrop for some real – emotional photos.  Thanks for playing my game Mason!

I used this location a few times recently, but only because it was just perfect for the fall photos.  Hope you all agree!

There is something about Dad’s throwing little ones in the air.  It makes me think back to photos of my childhood!