The Question!!! | Vancouver Wedding Photographer

We all know it.. when someone says “I’m going to ask the question”…. it’s one of the biggest, scariest questions you’ll ever ask someone – but also the most amazing, intense and euphoric!!!

I was so excited to be a part of such a HUGE day for these two.  I was contacted by Alex with the idea of how he wanted to ask his beautiful girlfriend Jakkii to marry him.  He knew everything he wanted, but had to figure out the final details.  He knew that he’d have family and friends there to hold the signs, he knew he wanted me up close to them for the pictures… but how to do all this without her clueing into anything.

So I suggested that I approach them as a student photographer, one needing a few people to pose for a class assignment.  I’d get them chatting and do some photos, then ask the couple to turn around and face away from me.  This would give enough time for the team to run out from behind the bushes and get into position.  He loved the idea and knew she’d go for getting some pictures done for any reason 🙂

Well it totally worked!!!  I had another couple there in on it so that I didn’t look silly standing there waiting for them.  As I was finishing talking to the other couple, Alex and Jakkii walked up to the fountains.  This is it… DON”T MESS IT UP JEN!!!!  I was seriously so nervous!  For him, for me and for everything to be perfect for him.  I could tell that he was a ball of nerves so didn’t even look at him.  I walked up to Jakkii and told her my school project and she was all over it.

I just love that there are still men out there who value the romance – going the extra mile and doing anything he can to make this day so very special.

So for now, I think I’ll just let the photos tell the rest of the story!!

Are you ready Alex??? Only minutes to the big question!!!

We then decided to go do a little engagement photo session in the park