The Merkley’s ~ Farewell Vancouver

This post comes with mixed emotions… I received a call with very exciting new for a dear friend – but that meant they were leaving our beautiful city.

Dan and his family became close to mine during the 4 years of planning the 2010 Olympics here in Vancouver.  We first met in Torino when I was there for 3 months obvserving their Games (sooooo much fun!!!)  Dan and his beautiful wife Marshawn decided to make Vancouver home for a few years as they fell in love with our city.  I’m not sure how they ended up finding a place in Horseshoe bay, but that’s where they were… and LOVED IT!  During the years here both our families grew!  I got married, had Nixon and now Kashen and Dan and Marshawn welcomed their first little angel Annecy with the exciting news that baby #2 will arrive in January 2012!!

When they called to ask for a family session I asked if we could meet somewhere in Vancouver… my schedule was tight and theirs was even more so – but after learning that they are packing up and moving to RUSSIA I simply had to go out to their most treasured place in BC; Whytecliff Park.   I had never been out that far other then passing by on the highway up to Whistler.  What a jewel they had hidden back there!  The water, rock and gardens were beautiful – what a perfect place to call home!

We spent some time catching up talking about ‘the Games’ – what life will be like with two small children 1/2 way across the world!

I hope you enjoy a few of the images we captured that afternoon.  To the Merkley’s – you will be missed!