The bigger picture | Extended Family Portraits

I know I’ve talked about this a lot… how important it is to be in the photo with those you love most.  Not just your immediate family – but everyone!

This family session was one that was so exciting for me to see.  Why you ask???  Every single one of those grandkids in the photo have been photographed by me at some point in their lives – most of which I’ve seen since newborn!  I’ve had each family in my studio before having their own family’s captured, but this time they all got together.

Four siblings and their parents came together with their own families on a beautiful summer afternoon.  The leaves are starting to fall just giving the ground a hint of fall.  I loved it.  The backlit, sun kissed skin of everyone and the dust in the air.

This fall I hope that more families come together to do sessions like this.  Block in enough time to do the big group photo, but also each individual family get an updated image – what better gift to give a grandparent then a session like this one!  I can tell you there were already tears rolling down this grandma’s cheek before even seeing a single photo.  Not only are the images important, but the time they all spent together enjoying each other’s company.

Please contact me if you are interested in doing this with your own family!