Tegan | 5 weeks | Surrey Newborn Photographer

There are days when we may forget to count our blessings… but I doubt that hasn’t crossed the minds of this family recently!

Here you are with a brand new precious life.  You bring them home and can’t wait to start the journey of watching them grow…but in only a few short days you realize something is wrong.  Little Tegan had come home from the hospital carrying a very scary infection…Meningitis.  Somehow this little muffin contracted it before she came home (along with another baby born the same time) and were fighting for their lives.  The fever described to me is something I can’t imagine any parent having to witness their child go through, let alone their 6 day old baby.  Bags of ice placed on her as nothing would break the fever…

But look at her now!!!  5 weeks old and doing fantastic!  I was so very happy to see her come in the studio for her photos (which we had to cancel at 7 days old).    I know all of our children are little miracles … but this one has a special little spark that kept her going.   Her calm personality let us do everything we had hoped during the session, awake or asleep.

I am so excited to watch her grown into a young, vibrant little lady!!