Sweet 16 Portraits | Surrey Portrait Photographer

I had the pleasure of meeting this awesome family this past winter when they revealed the gender of their fourth addition… baby Simeon, but tonight had a very different feel!

I met up with the very beautiful young Synjah who is turning 16 in a few short weeks to celebrate this new stage in her life.    I know that a good majority of images and families you see on the blog are of babies and little toddlers, but I can’t say it enough – it doesn’t matter how old you are….GET OUT THERE AND TAKE MORE PICTURES!!

We met hoping to catch a beautiful spring evening sun just at dusk.  It was there, just hidden behind the clouds!  As we walked around and found little spots to capture, I got to see more and more of this young lady’s natural beauty just shine.

She should be very proud of the person she is growing into – a beautiful young soul.  I can only imagine what her parents are thinking as they look at these images.  Their first born already turning 16…amazing!

At the very end of the session the sun was just about to set and it broke through the clouds.  We finished with a few of her ballet jumps into the sunset.


Seniors portraits laying in the grass
Seniors portraits laying in the grass
Mother and daughter photos at 16 years old
Senior portrait up close
Stunning senior portrait, Spring time photos,
Sunset portraits, sunset silhouette, photos at the beach, sitting on the rocks at the beach
Ballet Dancer jumping, jumping into the sunset.