SUMEIR | 4 weeks | Surrey Newborn Photographer

This year has been so different in so many ways… some good and some not as great.  I’ve come to just find a way to embrace the changes.   One of those changes I have found is that families are a little unsure on what to plan for with regards to their newborn photos.  Not knowing what is going to happen in a few months or even a few weeks sometimes leaves us not wanting to commit.   Because of this families are often now contacting a few weeks after baby’s arrival and outside of that standard 5-14 day range for newborn photos.  I’ve never been the kind of photographer that would turn away a baby because they were ‘outside’ of the ideal age so this in’t new to me…. BUT.. there have been so many older babies coming in the studio.   It has actually been really fun playing with some of these little personalities!

I will never guarantee that we will get those sleepy poses as babies grow and don’t enjoy being moved around as much… BUT with some patience we usually manage to get some pretty adorable images.  I love the eye contact with the older babies, I love their ability to hold themselves a little better.  There are some really great things about older newborn session.

This adorable little man came in at 4 weeks old.  We got some great shots of him relaxed but awake as well as some of him all snuggled up sleeping.

Please let this show, that it’s never too late to capture memories of your babies!