Sahej | 6 Months | Surrey Baby Photographer

I know that we always say… ‘ohhh I love that stage’ when we are talking about babies… the reality is that every stage has something so special and amazing about watching our little humans grow.

I so love when I get the chance to capture the different stages and see the expressions and level of interest in what we are doing.  Sahej was just a little ham the entire time.  He had the biggest smiles and silly faces and genuinely enjoyed playing and interacting with us.

We started his session in the studio, but knew that we wanted some outdoors as well… I can not complain about spending the afternoon with this little muffin and his mommy!!  She was not prepared to be in any of the photos, but of course I insisted that she just play with him a little… there are so many of those few that I really love… NEVER say no to being in a picture with your babies, you’ll never regret it!!

Looking forward to meeting the rest of the family and getting everyone outside for some fun family photos.