ROWAN | 20 Days | Surrey Newborn Photographer

It’s late, Saturday night and your house is finally quiet (well that is if you’re a parent it most likely is…)  You spend all day entertaining, cleaning up after, feeding and likely a little getting frustrated at all the silly things your little humans do through a day.  So now, you’ve finally sat down, have a tea/coffee or something soothing (wine perhaps…).  This is the time that you can sit back and remember why it is we love these little people so much.  Despite all the exhaustion that some days may bring, raising our next generation truly is remarkable.

So tonight, I hope that as you sit and scroll through your phones, I hope you take a moment to smile and find at least 3 things that you are proud of your children for.  Think about what it took for them to achieve it, how they’ve grown (even if they are still as tiny as little Rowan here)… what have they overcome, what have you overcome?!

Being a parent isn’t always easy, but it sure is amazing.

Little Rowan decided to surprise his parents and arrive 4 weeks early!  Healthy and happy, he was able to go home right away.  We waited a little to book in his session, but I had a great time capturing these first few family photos for this fantastic family.   We even managed to get Rowan’s soon to be best friend, (aka first child) Bain in the photos!  Here’s to making many more memories together.