Rhylee | 5 days | Surrey Newborn Photographer

What a wonderful family to have spent the morning with!  I know that I have a very outgoing personality and can likely pick up a conversation with just about anyone… but that doesn’t come naturally to everyone.

One of the greatest challenges with photography is the ability to get to know someone fast enough to also bring out their natural personality and smile!  It’s never just as easy as picking up the camera and clicking a few ‘good ones’.  My favourite line… oh I just need one or two ‘good ones’… ha!

There are times that we just need patience and time to gain trust.  I loved having the change to talk to these two older siblings… or let’s say I did all the talking 😉  I don’t think they responded to even one of my questions verbally… but clearly the more I kept talking the more they began to trust me and open up their expressions.  What an accomplishment when we got all 3 of them together!!!  I believe this was one of the first times big sister held little Rhylee.  I promised with all I had that she would be safe, she wouldn’t drop her… and it was perfect.

Even though there were very few words spoken back to me, this shy group clearly is one full of love.  These family photos made my heart smile!