Rawley | 9 Days | Coquitlam Newborn Photographer

Doesn’t this little guy have a cool name!!  I love it 🙂

This family came in expecting to be doing a baby only package, but I insisted they be in a few photos (like I always do)… I hope they now see why I really wanted them to!  I love the simplicity of their outfits, that it’s just about their connection with their precious baby boy.

Rawley let me move him around and play with him for most of the session.  Poor mom hasn’t been able to stand too much or hold him much since he was born… it was a rough go for her.  So I’m so pleased that we were able to capture a few of her holding him and snuggling this stage.  The rest of the time she got to lay down on the couch and enjoy the baby spa music  🙂

The photo that inlaced the red and white hat… it’s one that his Daddy used to wear when he was a newborn – I so love when people bring in cool stuff from their own childhood!


Newborn bum up on belly pose
Side lay newborn pose
newborn nest of fur, photo from above the baby
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baby in a basket
newborn on a stump
parent photo with newborn,
Mommy and me, Mom and newborn, mom with newborn in arms
Newborn in a hammock, baby hanging pose, Newborn hanging pose