Pretty in Pink | Twin Girls Newborn Photographer

I am so lucky to have had so many twin sessions recently.  I really love seeing what will happen when we add two babies to a session – typically one is hard enough!

Little Hana and Laurel were born at 35 weeks on June 28th.  Both were doing great and although there was a brief time spent in the NICU, they are both now at home and growing by the second.

I loved that their mommy is crafty and brought in two beautifully framed letters for their names.  They are covered in buttons and something I’m really tempted to do for my own kids!   I loved them.  You will also see a small glass ball full of paper curls.  It is actually the invitation to Mommy + Daddy’s wedding from years before.  The perfect touch for these two girls.

I don’t have any more twins scheduled right now – but can’t wait for the next set!  If you know of anyone carrying two (or more!!) babies perhaps you’ll consider sharing this link 🙂

Even the family fur baby came along for the session.  Like two babies wasn’t enough to work with right 😉