Parker | 11 Days| Surrey Newborn Photorapher

It is always amazing to me how fast the time passes… and yet when you are pregnant and waiting to meet your first born, the arm of a clock couldn’t feel slower.

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting this family who was soon to welcome baby Parker.  The couple came into the maternity session not knowing how they would feel, how the session would go, but it always makes me smile to see families instantly feel at ease in the studio.   It wasn’t long before I got the message that Parker had arrived!!  He was such a dream to photograph, letting me move him around from set up to set up, entertaining all of our ‘demands’ of him as a model.  Each session that I have had in the past few months I have been adding a new collection of images to my sessions.  There is truly an art to creating these fine art portraits for clients.  Creating a feel for the scene in the studio and yet creating the final image in photoshop. I hope that you all enjoy the variety this brings to a session and that more clients will ask to include these in their final selections.

Without further delay… enjoy these first images of Parker and his family!