Parker | 11 Days| Surrey Newborn Photorapher

It is always amazing to me how fast the time passes… and yet when you are pregnant and waiting to meet your first born, the arm of a clock couldn’t feel slower.

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting this family who was soon to welcome baby Parker.  The couple came into the maternity session not knowing how they would feel, how the session would go, but it always makes me smile to see families instantly feel at ease in the studio.   It wasn’t long before I got the message that Parker had arrived!!  He was such a dream to photograph, letting me move him around from set up to set up, entertaining all of our ‘demands’ of him as a model.  Each session that I have had in the past few months I have been adding a new collection of images to my sessions.  There is truly an art to creating these fine art portraits for clients.  Creating a feel for the scene in the studio and yet creating the final image in photoshop. I hope that you all enjoy the variety this brings to a session and that more clients will ask to include these in their final selections.

Without further delay… enjoy these first images of Parker and his family!

ELLINGTON | New Westminster Newborn Photographer

Here’s a little ray of sunshine on this cloudy day!  Oh how little baby toes, fingers and features make my day that much brighter!



LUCA | 7 DAYS | Surrey Newborn Photographer

Little Luca was a dream client!!  I love when babies arrive and hare content to do anything we ask of them.  So get ready to see lots of scrumptious images of this little dude and his family!

Not that long ago I was capturing Luca’s big brother’s newborn photos, now look at him holding his baby brother, so proud, happy and grown up!

In the past few weeks I have been trying to experiment with new things, learn some new tricks and have my style grow and evolve with the industry.  I hope you will all enjoy the new changes, some may not notice much at all… and that’s great too.  I feel we are all growing and always changing our craft, what ever your profession is.  It is a great feeling to push yourself out of that comfort zone and try new things – some fail, some succeed!!  Thank you all for being along for my journey!

Now… please if you need some newborn happiness, scroll through the images below!!


always smiling for mommy’s kisses!!

Wrapped Mini Newborn Session | Surrey Newborn Photographer

Look at these two precious young ladies!

Sometimes families contact me asking for just a few treasured images.    They love the full session options with all the props, but perhaps all that is wanted is truly just a few.

I’ve created the wrapped sessions to accommodate for this.  Baby arrives in a onzie (or something plain) that will stay on during the session.  We choose one or two props to use and keep it very simple.  Baby can be all wrapped up, or show their little outfit.   The session is often only an hour or so long. Baby can be awake or sleeping 🙂

I truly love doing a full session, but also enjoy being able to accommodate for different client needs/wants.

Be sure to message for more information for your little one if this is something you are interested in.


VIK | 5 Weeks | Surrey Newborn Photographer

Oh precious little Vik.   He came to the studio at 5 weeks old, the same as his big brother who is really still a baby himself at only 19 months!  These two totally rocked their photos.  I adore watching siblings learn about each other, being a little scare and curious, but also having so much love and instant protection.

I am honoured to share these images with you and look forward to capturing many more with this family!