As soon as someone says they are expecting twins/multiples something really special happens, or at least it does for me.  You imagine all the little things that these two humans are going to grow up and experience in life.   I picture all the things they might experience, but knowing that they will both likely have very different emotional attachment to, memory of, description of.  I just find it fascinating as I’m sure many others do.

I was excited to hear that this momma had welcomed her baby girls!  They had arrived 6 weeks earlier than anticipated, but after a short stay in the hospital, both are healthy and happy at home.  They were ready to come into the studio and arrived just a few days before their actual due date.

Although the night before the session I may have had dreams of all the different poses I was going to breeze through with the girls, the reality is babies are totally unique.  They do what they want, on their time.  In writing this, I hope that new parents appreciate that a newborn session is still all about them, they lead what we do typically.

I can only imagine how busy this family’s house is in the morning.  Two newborns and a toddler to rush around and tend to, while trying to get ready for the day.  I’m thankful that once in the studio, they had time to do a few things for themselves.  Dad slipped out to get coffees/food while mom got to spend some 1:1 time with the girls big brother.  The job of a photographer is simple in a sense, capturing a super important time in a family’s life.   As they welcome home these two girls, as their home and lives change forever… we captured a few moments of a time that passes all too fast.  When these little girls were so tiny to fit in your hands, when the nights feel like they last forever, because you’re up making bottles instead of sleeping, when life likely feels totally wild and unmanageable… these images will be there to look back on and remember it all.  All the accomplishments, the fails, the laughs and all the love.


CHILD PORTRAIT EVENT ~ Limited Time Only!!-

After many years of hearing how frustrated parents are with the ‘school’ photo they are offered of their child… I decided to open up the studio for a limited time to bring you a classic portrait of your child(ren), or at least ones without their hair in their face, looking the other way, talking, or just plain laughable image of them.

A few bonus’s to having the images done here at JLS:

– you can make sure their hair, clothing and faces are ready! No eating snacks right before their photo

– you can bring younger children who wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity for a quick photo like this, now they will all be the same!

– you can also request sibling photos of your children together (but I can’t guarantee that means they will like each other 😉

– the school will not miss out!!!  I will be donating a % of the profit back to the school PAC at Katzie if you identify that your child attends there.

It will the the same idea as the school photo.  You do not pay up front, you will come in for a scheduled quick session (10 – 20 minutes depending on how many children you have).  After the sessions I will be providing you with proofs of your photos to which you can then order.  I do offer preschool photos to a few locations and over the years have learned that most families really just want the digital files to then print as they wish.  I’ve created a pricing structure that reflects that.

So how do you book?  Easy!!  There are a few days available and time options.  Just follow the link and choose what works for your family.  If you have younger children who are not school aged, please message me and we can create a weekday daytime for you.


How will it work?  You can choose from 3 backdrops in the studio.  I will capture up to 4 poses of them for you to choose from.  If you choose the ‘ALL IMAGES’ digital option, that would be for the 4 proof poses you were provided.  If you have more than one child and you choose to have sibling photos as well, know that counts as 3 sessions.  So if you’re punching the digitals, that would be the 3 children digitals, I can help you through that when the time comes.

If this sells out and is successful I may be opening other dates/times

Here is more information you’ll want to know!


LEA | 8 Days | Richmond Newborn Photographer

There are so many wonderful things about the work that I am able to do.  One of them is to see the joy and love in welcoming a new child to the family.  It was 7 years ago when I first met this family!  Baby Sara came to the studio when she was new to this world (check out her link).  The family had asked if they could bring their dog Coco who was of course their first ‘baby’ and of course I said I’d be happy to try and incorporate their fur baby.

I was so excited to hear this family was growing and wanted to come back to capture new images, they again asked if Coco could come as she was still a huge part of their family.  Sara was now big sister to little Lea.  It was very clear how much Sara loves her little sister,she was so loving and gentle with her.  This time we also had more grandparents able to come to the session, so although my cozy little studio was full, it was so great to have everyone there to watch and admire this new precious life.

There were so many images from this session that I wanted to share – it just had all the feels!  I hope you enjoy them too!

LILY | 8 Weeks | Surrey Baby Photographer

Oh my word… little Lily you are just a dream.  Such a personality in such a tiny little human.

Sometimes clients contact and hope for a newborn session, but baby is a little older.  I am ALWAYS willing to try!!  I just ensure that there is no expectation on what we are going to achieve in the session.  It’s always baby led, they decide what we are doing to do and when.  It’s just how it works!

With that said, you can see that little Lily was very ready for her photos.  She has a beautiful family who adore her!  I think my favourite is mom and her two beautiful daughters – they have incredible genes!!

If you are new parents and feel you’ve missed that ‘newborn’ stage – don’t be afraid to contact and see where a session will go.  Babies that are older will typically not enjoy me moulding them into different positions, or even moving them as they are sleeping.  BUT I do know that I can find a way for any baby to be relaxed enough for a few photos.  The eye contact and energy you get from an older baby is so precious!  It is NEVER too late to come in.

Beautiful big sister!!

Wyatt | 12 Days | Surrey Newborn Photographer

When I am contacted by a family to capture their precious new bundle on the way, of course I get excited.  I learn a little more about who they are and who’s in their family.   When I learn that there will be a toddler coming to the photo shoot as well, I’m not going to lie – I cross my fingers and hope that this little muffin is going to be in the mood to ‘play’ with me.

Well… this young man didn’t disappoint!  Honestly I think little Rowan now olds the title for the most adorable big brother to visit my studio.  Or at least just this week 😉 I couldn’t help but just fall in love with his little personality.   He was excited to be a part of the photos and listen to what ideas I had… at the same time some of my ideas just didn’t make sense for him.  Even trying to get into position he was killing me with those little smiles!!!    Baby Wyatt has for sure been welcomed into a family full of love for one another.  We had a really great time for a few hours in the studio that morning.

Welcome to the world little Wyatt!