Lulu | 9 week Staffy | National Puppy day – Langley Pet Photographer

Today we celebrate National Puppy day…. and what better way to do so than a post FULL of adorable little puppy photos!

When a family makes the decision to add an animal to their home, it is so much more than just a ‘dog’.  Now yes, some might feel we went a little over the top with these photos (ha… ya the costumes were kinda funny) but in all seriousness, a pet is part of our families.  They fill our heart with joy, laughter and love.  They teach us patience, nurturing and the trust of unconditional love.

This precious little girl, Lulu came to the studio at only 9 weeks old.  She was a typical puppy, silly, playful and all over the place.  We had fun trying to chase her around and keep her in the props/ stop her from eating them…. until it happened.  She was getting tired… so I decided to try wrapping her.  This little girl had us oozing with puppy love!!!  She instantly was content in her wrap and went right to sleep.  Happy to move around and do what ever we wanted.  So forgive us for all the little outfits on her, but it was fun. I have to laugh now as I think the dear hat makes her look like the wolf on little red riding hood for some reason… in disguise of course.

Join me in enjoying a few extra puppy photos to top off your Saturday night!


Rubaani | 24 Days | Surrey Newborn Photographer

Precious little Rubaani, you are as beautiful as your name!

She arrived a little earlier than planned and surprised her parents!  She arrived weighing only 5lbs 4 oz, but she sure is packed full of cuteness!  We waited a few weeks before having her come to the studio as she was a little early, so even during her photo shoot, we were earlier than her due date!

This beautiful little girl looked adorable in any colour, the pinks looked fantastic, but so did the stunning bold red.  I just love how her gallery turned out!

Hope you do too 🙂


ROWAN | 20 Days | Surrey Newborn Photographer

It’s late, Saturday night and your house is finally quiet (well that is if you’re a parent it most likely is…)  You spend all day entertaining, cleaning up after, feeding and likely a little getting frustrated at all the silly things your little humans do through a day.  So now, you’ve finally sat down, have a tea/coffee or something soothing (wine perhaps…).  This is the time that you can sit back and remember why it is we love these little people so much.  Despite all the exhaustion that some days may bring, raising our next generation truly is remarkable.

So tonight, I hope that as you sit and scroll through your phones, I hope you take a moment to smile and find at least 3 things that you are proud of your children for.  Think about what it took for them to achieve it, how they’ve grown (even if they are still as tiny as little Rowan here)… what have they overcome, what have you overcome?!

Being a parent isn’t always easy, but it sure is amazing.

Little Rowan decided to surprise his parents and arrive 4 weeks early!  Healthy and happy, he was able to go home right away.  We waited a little to book in his session, but I had a great time capturing these first few family photos for this fantastic family.   We even managed to get Rowan’s soon to be best friend, (aka first child) Bain in the photos!  Here’s to making many more memories together.

Family Day 2019 | Community Heart

On this last day of the BC “Family Day” long weekend, I am hoping that as I write this many families are looking back at all the memories made together and all those still to come.

As a photographer I’m often asked to capture that ‘perfect’ family moment when everyone is smiling and looking at the camera, when in reality all I want to do is capture you tickling each other and being silly.  Capturing you chasing one another or giving a loving embrace when someone falls.    See the thing is, so many people are looking for that perfect moment, photo, thing to do, thing to have without really looking at what truly makes life amazing.  For me, family is what you make it.  It can include those you are born surrounded by, but it can also be a chosen family.  People who come into your lives in some form and are there for good.  People who enrich your life and bring you joy.  This is what family is about.

It is so easy to get stuck in routines.  Get up,  get ready for the day, running out the door to school, work and getting home to sports, dinner and back to bed.  The weeks can seem on repeat for sure!  I’ve always tried to look at how I can throw a wrench into the loop, what little thing can we do differently that will impact our lives and make it memorable.  It really doesn’t take a lot, it doesn’t take money or planning a big party at all, likely all you need is time and willingness to try something different.

Last week my family was to get together as we hadn’t seen each other in a while.  We were going to meet at my mom’s house, but I reached out and asked if they would all meet us at the lake instead.  It had been cold enough, long enough to finally freeze over.   As many of you know, this doesn’t happen often so taking full advantage, everyone agreed.   This wasn’t something huge at all, but let me tell you I’m certain that everyone will remember the day all the cousins got together and goofed around on the frozen lake, being silly, goofy and young at heart, no matter the age.  Upon arriving there we see several other families who are doing exactly the same thing and kindly open their arms to share hockey sticks and pucks so we could join in the fun.  This… this it the family I choose.  The loved ones I was born with, but also the community of family who step up and are there for each other.   The smilies on everyone’s faces said it all, I can’t think of a more ‘Canadian’ afternoon.

Fast forward to today.  The launch of the United Way’s Clayton Heights Little Libraries project!!!  As soon as I heard they were looking for residents in the area to host a free little library, we jumped on it!  It wasn’t long before we already had ours delivered and ready to go!  This morning was the launch party – the school was opened to welcome the community for a pancake breakfast.   Payment was only to bring a book to donate to the libraries!   It was the perfect way to spend our Family day morning and include all of the amazing people of our community who I’m proud to consider my family from the ‘hood’.  There were games, stories, crafts and then a walk about the community to find all of the new little libraries.  Sorry for the long post, but here are some of my favourite images from both my family adventure on the frozen lake and today’s awesome event

Kyzlee | 7 Days | Langley Newborn Photographer

This little girl certainly had her own ideas for our photo shoot!!  She came in awake, and basically stayed that way for the majority of the session.  Babies do not have to be sleeping their entire photo shoot to create beautiful images of them, they just need to be content.  Well this little girl was defiantly that.  She came into the studio on her 7th day in this world.  I was really excited to try out a few new things, practice some posing with her – but instead we just did what she felt like doing, which was being adorable.

This year I’ve been slowly adding more props to the studio.  Investing in new knits and wraps and playing with the different textures.    As you know I’ve also been working on composites, and loving that I”m pushing myself to grow and learn.

Looking forward to what 2019 will bring, I’m excited for the journey!