Niall | 8 days | Surrey Newborn Photographer

In all my years of capturing newborns, I have never met a more smiley little baby.  If anyone doubts that newborns can genuinely smile – you must see these images.    This is not gas, these are not sleep dream smiles, these are totally 100% real reactions to talking to his mom and dad.  This adorable little guy just couldn’t stop ‘talking’ to them – so I couldn’t stop capturing it.  Way too cute!!

I’m so glad that we got both some sleepy images of him, but as well some of the adorable happy smiles!!

Just as we were finishing up his session – we were joined by his cousin!!  Both moms are sisters and had their babies only 3 weeks apart!  One at 8 days old and the other at 4 weeks, we wanted to try and capture a few images of them together, knowing that they are going to grow up so close together and I’m sure have incredible memories of sharing their childhood. The beautiful hand made outfits were made by their grandma before they arrived.  I can’t wait to hear of her reaction when seeing the photo of them together in it!!!

Please help me welcome these two beautiful babies to the world!!

Check out the amazing lashes on Niall’s cousin!!!  Beautiful baby girl!
He’s still smiling 😉