Mother and Baby bonding | Surrey Baby Photographer/Videographer

I would never judge someone who decided to bottle feed – but there is something to be said about the bond that is created between baby and mother in those first days of life as you nurse. This bond only grows and the time spent nursing is often some of my fondest memories. It is time alone with my little one and time that all you have to do is stare down and enjoy every little movement your baby makes. Watch their eyes roll around, there little cheeks going and of course their little fingers that always seem to find something to hold on to. These are the things I remember.

Many of the above memories I have are part of what made this mom want to capture it. It was also the fact that this was her third baby and only baby who she has successfully breastfed for longer then just a few weeks. This was a big accomplishment for them and something she so deeply wanted.

I really loved watching the bond between them. The giggles and looks that seem to see right through to each other’s hearts.

I hope to be posting more of these down the road! I wish I had something like it with each of my babies!!


from JLS Photography on Vimeo