Miracle babies | Richmond Newborn Photographer

When you first find out your are pregnant there is a flood of emotions and then a MILLION questions run through your mind.

You think about all the what if’s, you try to plan your ‘birth plan’ knowing full well that there is no real plan, it’s up to those little humans inside.

Then you find out your have twins!  SO EXCITING!  Most twins will carry to about 34-37 weeks and would be considered close to full term in that range.  That wasn’t in the cards for these two.

They arrived for no known reason at only 26 weeks.  Kayden and Karen weighing both 2.4 and 2.5 lbs.  After Karen spending 89 days in the NICU she was able to come home… her brother sent a few more and was finally discharged at 101 days!

I was so excited to come and meet them.  Although they were born on December 1, 2013 and technically almost 4 months old, they were still one day shy of their actual due date!!

Feel free to leave a message in support to all the parents who have to spend their babies first few days, weeks and months in the hospital before they can come home. I can’t imagine going home without them.


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