Thomas + Lilian | Twin Newborn Photographer

These two perfect little humans were so amazing to capture.  I so love meeting twins!

A few short weeks ago I met N + Y and captured some very special maternity images for them.  They have been waiting several years to welcome these little people into their lives and I’ve been honoured to capture it for them!!

At only 11 days old, they were all ready to come and spend the morning with me.  Their big sister was also super excited to join too!

I was able to capture a variety of images of the two together, but also a few on their own.  We couldn’t help but laugh when little Lilian kept insisting on putting her toes in Thomas’s face!!  Already starting the ‘hey, smell my feet’ game 😉

There is also an image with a metal bucket.  It was brought in for me to use.  This was a bread maker – one that was very well used by their grandmother as the family would not eat store bought bread!  The keys that are hanging were from grandpa who worked on the railroads.  I love including a little family history!

I hope you enjoy these images as much as I did capturing them!


I’m pretty sure that Thomas really enjoyed having a little more space when I took Lilian out!

Angela D’Agostino What a beautiful Family!!!July 10, 2014 – 6:15 am