Meet Baby Tayler | Vancouver Children’s Hospital – Helping Hearts

Today I saw a statement that when you give something for free people do not appreciate it as much – well I think this post proves that is not always the case.

Through Helping Hearts, families are able to capture a period in their lives that could be challenging and hard to see the road ahead – but what they do know is family, love and the gravity of cherishing every moment.

Little Tayler is now 4 months old and has not been able to leave the hospital.  Born on Vancouver Island in a small community, she was flown to Vancouver Children’s Hospital at under 5 lbs.  Mom was able to join her the following day.  Since then Mommy has been living out of the Easter Seals house or bedside with Tayler.  This little survivor has undergone several surgeries with a few more to go – with the ever looming heart surgery once she is strong enough.   What amazed me was that I could tell she was not a newborn of course, but she was still only the size of many newborns born today, at around 9 lbs!

Tayler is clearly loved by her big brother and sister giving her unconditional love – I loved watching how each of them connected with her.  I wasn’t there long before our little star needed to have a nap – so she was tucked into bed and lightly rocked by mom.

I will be very excited to hear that Tayler is being released to go and explore the world around her!

So thankful to have met this little one and to be able to share her story.  I know it made me hug my kids a little tighter when I got home that day 🙂