Meet Baby Miriam | Langley Newborn Photographer

I have to start this post with a congrats to this amazing mom!  Her first child was a quick surprise delivery which resulted in a home birth.  It was not exactly as they planned, but worked out great for them in the end.  SO with baby #2 on the way, they decide to actually plan a home birth.

Everything was in place, there were several people on hand to assist.  Mom was doing great and although it was a long labour, she did it all on her own at home.  Here is where the big pat on the back comes in… Miriam was just over 10 lbs!!!!  There were no signs that she was going to be such a big baby, but mom did fantastic!  So for those of you out there considering a home birth – it can be done, and done ‘comfortably’ even with the big babies!

This little muffin was only 5 days old when I came to their home to capture a memories of such a special time.   She was so content, so calm and although she was not sleeping, she was happy to do what ever was asked of her.    She would drift off for a few seconds, but then have a look around to see what might have been missed.

So happy for this family, they are so deserving and are going to make fantastic parents to these two lucky kids.