Meet baby lukas!

Welcome Lukas!!! 

Although he really did want to stay in Mommy as long as he could, little Lukas decided to introduce himself on August 6, 2010.  He is now 7 days old and ready to strike a pose.

I was so excited to photograph him as I had just captured him weeks before in a maternity shoot.  Both Matt and Camila were so excited to meet him, I just knew they would be fantastic parents.  We had a plan that they would come to see me within the first week and capture him here at my studio, but as we all know babies have their own schedules and agendas!  Camila ended up needing a C section, so decided it was best if I came to visit them at home.

It was over 30 degress out the day I came to shoot Lukas!  On the bright side, he was happy to be naked – no need for a heater for sure! 

I’m so happy with the photos we captured of this new family.  Lukas was such a good little guy… he had his moments here and there, but really was all about his big photo shoot! 

Thank you both Camila and Matt for sharing such an intimate session with me – you two were honestly beaming with love it was amazing to just watch!

Lukas turns 1 » […] of capturing this handsome little man at his home in Port Moody.  It looks as though that smile is the same one I found him sharing the first time week […]September 20, 2011 – 12:48 am