Lulu | 9 week Staffy | National Puppy day – Langley Pet Photographer

Today we celebrate National Puppy day…. and what better way to do so than a post FULL of adorable little puppy photos!

When a family makes the decision to add an animal to their home, it is so much more than just a ‘dog’.  Now yes, some might feel we went a little over the top with these photos (ha… ya the costumes were kinda funny) but in all seriousness, a pet is part of our families.  They fill our heart with joy, laughter and love.  They teach us patience, nurturing and the trust of unconditional love.

This precious little girl, Lulu came to the studio at only 9 weeks old.  She was a typical puppy, silly, playful and all over the place.  We had fun trying to chase her around and keep her in the props/ stop her from eating them…. until it happened.  She was getting tired… so I decided to try wrapping her.  This little girl had us oozing with puppy love!!!  She instantly was content in her wrap and went right to sleep.  Happy to move around and do what ever we wanted.  So forgive us for all the little outfits on her, but it was fun. I have to laugh now as I think the dear hat makes her look like the wolf on little red riding hood for some reason… in disguise of course.

Join me in enjoying a few extra puppy photos to top off your Saturday night!