LINDA + SKYLAR VANCOUVER ELOPMENT | Vancouver Wedding Photographer

Yesterday I had the absolute honour to be a part of something so special and intimate for two totally deserving friends.  It was just 4 of us and a few patrons at the restaurant to witness a lifetime of love and happiness embracing into marriage and opening a new chapter.

7 Years ago Linda would visit the Mercedes dealership to have her vehicle serviced… it was there that she first met Skylar.  She had a beautiful baby boy at the time and likely had no idea that 7 years later she would be marrying this man!  They went on their first dinner date to Chambar in Vancouver.  A beautiful, quaint little restaurant downtown.  Yesterday afternoon we met there again to marry them and officially call them Husband and Wife!  That morning they had asked a friend to give them a ride into town, but what arrived was of nothing other than a Mercedes and driver to send them off in style.  Linda feels it was by chance, but clearly it was fate once again showing them that this is truly meant to be.  They arrived to Chamber around 3:00pm yesterday afternoon.  Ryan, the officiant, and I joined them inside.  We set aside a small area of the back of the restaurant; where while other patrons were dining and the restaurant was busy setting up for the evening dinners service Linda and Skylar where sharing rings and saying their I do’s! It felt as if we were the only people there, it really was so special.  At the moment they were married there were soft whispers of congratulations from the staff passing by and others in the restaurant.  It was perfect.  I was a witness for them as well as the restaurant hostess we had just met.

To top off this amazing surprise of theirs… they are also expecting a baby to join the family in a few months!!!  So many blessings for them in 2018!

We went outside to capture a few more images, but it wasn’t long before we sent them back inside for dinner and to enjoy the rest of the night together.

Please join me in wishing these two an amazing life together and sending them off today on a fantastic European cruise!!