LILY | 8 Weeks | Surrey Baby Photographer

Oh my word… little Lily you are just a dream.  Such a personality in such a tiny little human.

Sometimes clients contact and hope for a newborn session, but baby is a little older.  I am ALWAYS willing to try!!  I just ensure that there is no expectation on what we are going to achieve in the session.  It’s always baby led, they decide what we are doing to do and when.  It’s just how it works!

With that said, you can see that little Lily was very ready for her photos.  She has a beautiful family who adore her!  I think my favourite is mom and her two beautiful daughters – they have incredible genes!!

If you are new parents and feel you’ve missed that ‘newborn’ stage – don’t be afraid to contact and see where a session will go.  Babies that are older will typically not enjoy me moulding them into different positions, or even moving them as they are sleeping.  BUT I do know that I can find a way for any baby to be relaxed enough for a few photos.  The eye contact and energy you get from an older baby is so precious!  It is NEVER too late to come in.

Beautiful big sister!!