Joie turns 2 | Vancouver Child Photographer

These past few months I have loved getting to know this family!  We have met up on several occasions as they celebrate milestones for each of the kids as well as just celebrating family being together.

This time it was to capture Joie turning two!!  She is your typical 2 year old.  Shy, silly and of course defiant and marching to the beat of their own drum 🙂  I loved the little piano they brought with them from home and the outfits that Joie had were simply perfect.   We had a great time just at sun down at Stanley Park.  It’s a spot that I love where you can get some natural images as well as the busy city backdrop – all within a few steps of each other.  Ahhhh I love our city.

I love that everywhere Joie goes so does her Lion.  He is clearly her best buddy and is very much loved, we captured a few precious moments she spent snuggling with him.  I always tell families that it’s so great to capture your children with the things they love, it reminds us of what life was like at that age.

Now there are a few cheeky little expressions from Joie in here as well, but I felt they were perfect to capture a young lady turning two 😉


The standard… don’t try to take my picture look from any 2 year old…
Little Jayden had to get in on the action!  
I was very impressed with how well he was standing!!
Lion love xoxox
See you next time!