Happiest Baby on the Block | Port Moody Baby Photographer

This is going to be a big post… I simply couldn’t choose which images to share as I loved them all!

Of course I do love photographing babies fresh into the world, but there is also something so special about watching babies form their adorable little personalities!!

This young lady came into the studio at 4 months old.  Her family really wanted to capture their bond together and of course images of their beautiful little girl.  There really is nothing more precious then time with your kids and clearly that is important to this family already.  They brought her favourite book which she shares time with her Daddy daily to read it at home.  It was perfect.  She just lit up when he started to read it… we all melted!

What I loved most about this session is that it was simply fun.  There wasn’t as much worry about the ‘perfect’ pose or image, they just enjoyed the time together and look how it turned out!

So if you are one of those parents who were unable to capture newborn pictures and feel you missed out… don’t wait.  There are beautiful memories to be captured!!

Baby Reading, goodnight moon
Baby Reading, goodnight moon
Old fashioned newborn scale, Baby on scale
Baby in a buggy, Old fashioned pram
Family smooches, family kisses