Growing Humans | New Westminster Twin Maternity Photographer

There are so many things in life that seem to go un-noticed by most.  The stresses we all carry, the daily strain on what we all wish was the ‘easy life’.   But there are a few things that we really should stop now and then and think about.  One of those is that as women, we can actually create little humans inside of us!

For me it was the most amazing experience.  I actually feel guilty when I tell people that I had no sickness, no strange cravings (ok a few food inversions but no crazy cravings)… I slept ‘ok’ and felt good.  I still had my energy and was able to keep working right until the end of all of my pregnancies.  The thing is it’s not that easy for a lot of people and some will soon forget at how intense it really is to grow a human!!

This is very true for Anette.  She is expecting two beautiful babies who she hopes will arrive sometime after 36 weeks.  These two babies have been literally draining the life out of their mommy… she has been so incredibly sick from very early on that she has had to stop work and basically be on bed rest.  She has lost an incredible amount of weight from not being able to eat… yet the babies are thriving.  It is simply amazing to me what the human body can do and is willing to do for our children.  HUGE props to the mommies out there who go through this kind of illness/all day sickness from the hormones!!

Anette looks AMAZING for having two babies in there and at the end of her pregnancy!  I was happy to hear that coming to see me in the studio was a big outing – something she doesn’t do very often.  So I hope that it was worth the energy spent to get to me!

Keep an eye on the blog in the next several weeks for her babies once they arrive!