For the love of the horse | Equestrian Videographer/Photographer

Every now and then I get an itch to do something new/different. I have always had a love of horses and often think back to the days spent at the barn. I loved every minute of it… I loved everything about it. Yet the only time I had good photos taken of those years were at a show. To me that didn’t demonstrate the bond I had with my horse.

It is my love of horses that actually inspired me to start into photography! I remember being at the shows and standing at the gate. I’d feel the lens of the on site photographer looking my way and I could picture what he might have been looking at – filling his frame with. Or at least I was hoping that he was seeing what I was feeling… the gentle hold I had on my horses muzzle as we stood and waited for our round. The hug around his neck or the kiss on his nose. These are all the things I wanted to have captured, more then me in the ring.

It actually surprises me that it’s taken me this long to get back to doing something with horses, but I really hope that this developed into much more. I would love to be able to capture the love and bond that a rider has with their horse and all the little things they do together. Or even capture a group of friends at the barn with their horses in the field. So many amazing memories with all the kids that I rode with, and nothing tangible for me to look back on. I would LOVE to go back and have a video of us all goofing around at the barn!!!

So please share this with all those horsey people you know… those who have a passion for the animal and the dedication it takes to ride.

I hope you all enjoy this new adventure of mine!!


from JLS Photography on Vimeo