Family Day 2019 | Community Heart

On this last day of the BC “Family Day” long weekend, I am hoping that as I write this many families are looking back at all the memories made together and all those still to come.

As a photographer I’m often asked to capture that ‘perfect’ family moment when everyone is smiling and looking at the camera, when in reality all I want to do is capture you tickling each other and being silly.  Capturing you chasing one another or giving a loving embrace when someone falls.    See the thing is, so many people are looking for that perfect moment, photo, thing to do, thing to have without really looking at what truly makes life amazing.  For me, family is what you make it.  It can include those you are born surrounded by, but it can also be a chosen family.  People who come into your lives in some form and are there for good.  People who enrich your life and bring you joy.  This is what family is about.

It is so easy to get stuck in routines.  Get up,  get ready for the day, running out the door to school, work and getting home to sports, dinner and back to bed.  The weeks can seem on repeat for sure!  I’ve always tried to look at how I can throw a wrench into the loop, what little thing can we do differently that will impact our lives and make it memorable.  It really doesn’t take a lot, it doesn’t take money or planning a big party at all, likely all you need is time and willingness to try something different.

Last week my family was to get together as we hadn’t seen each other in a while.  We were going to meet at my mom’s house, but I reached out and asked if they would all meet us at the lake instead.  It had been cold enough, long enough to finally freeze over.   As many of you know, this doesn’t happen often so taking full advantage, everyone agreed.   This wasn’t something huge at all, but let me tell you I’m certain that everyone will remember the day all the cousins got together and goofed around on the frozen lake, being silly, goofy and young at heart, no matter the age.  Upon arriving there we see several other families who are doing exactly the same thing and kindly open their arms to share hockey sticks and pucks so we could join in the fun.  This… this it the family I choose.  The loved ones I was born with, but also the community of family who step up and are there for each other.   The smilies on everyone’s faces said it all, I can’t think of a more ‘Canadian’ afternoon.

Fast forward to today.  The launch of the United Way’s Clayton Heights Little Libraries project!!!  As soon as I heard they were looking for residents in the area to host a free little library, we jumped on it!  It wasn’t long before we already had ours delivered and ready to go!  This morning was the launch party – the school was opened to welcome the community for a pancake breakfast.   Payment was only to bring a book to donate to the libraries!   It was the perfect way to spend our Family day morning and include all of the amazing people of our community who I’m proud to consider my family from the ‘hood’.  There were games, stories, crafts and then a walk about the community to find all of the new little libraries.  Sorry for the long post, but here are some of my favourite images from both my family adventure on the frozen lake and today’s awesome event