Engagment session with R + L

No amount of rain was going to stop this session! 

I so often get the call from clients that it’s ‘calling for rain’, should we reschedule?  But not this time!  I had two engagment sessions booked this same evening and it was calling for rain.  Not just light showers, but RAIN.  So I contact both couples and to my surprise, BOTH said they still wanted to do the session that day!

I’m really looking forward to capturing these two on their wedding day!  They are family, Lisa is my second cousin.   Aside from knowing some of the people at the wedding, these two are such a cute couple it’s going to be a blast.  The wedding is up on Whistler, June 25th so watch out for the post to follow.

These are a few of the images catured on our rainy walk through Granville Island.  For Ryan who said he’s not comfortable with the camera… I think by the end I had him converted to seeing that it really wasn’t ‘that bad’.  Thanks for trying all that I asked you to do!