As soon as someone says they are expecting twins/multiples something really special happens, or at least it does for me.  You imagine all the little things that these two humans are going to grow up and experience in life.   I picture all the things they might experience, but knowing that they will both likely have very different emotional attachment to, memory of, description of.  I just find it fascinating as I’m sure many others do.

I was excited to hear that this momma had welcomed her baby girls!  They had arrived 6 weeks earlier than anticipated, but after a short stay in the hospital, both are healthy and happy at home.  They were ready to come into the studio and arrived just a few days before their actual due date.

Although the night before the session I may have had dreams of all the different poses I was going to breeze through with the girls, the reality is babies are totally unique.  They do what they want, on their time.  In writing this, I hope that new parents appreciate that a newborn session is still all about them, they lead what we do typically.

I can only imagine how busy this family’s house is in the morning.  Two newborns and a toddler to rush around and tend to, while trying to get ready for the day.  I’m thankful that once in the studio, they had time to do a few things for themselves.  Dad slipped out to get coffees/food while mom got to spend some 1:1 time with the girls big brother.  The job of a photographer is simple in a sense, capturing a super important time in a family’s life.   As they welcome home these two girls, as their home and lives change forever… we captured a few moments of a time that passes all too fast.  When these little girls were so tiny to fit in your hands, when the nights feel like they last forever, because you’re up making bottles instead of sleeping, when life likely feels totally wild and unmanageable… these images will be there to look back on and remember it all.  All the accomplishments, the fails, the laughs and all the love.